14.3ct Milk Opal
214.3ct Milk Opal

14.3ct Milk Opal


Can you afford to miss out this gorgeous Lightning Ridge solid milk opal.

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Product Description

Opal Origin   Lightning Ridge Play of colors   Fiery red, Limgreen, orange, skyblue
Category  Solid Milk Opal Clarity   Translucent
Weight carats   14.3 Body tone   N7
Size in mm(13mm = 0.5118 inches)   24 x 22.5 x 3.5 Brilliance   4.5
Shape   Free form Treatment   No Treatment of any kind
Cut    Low dome Polish   High gem quality

Can you afford to miss out this absolutely stunning gem fully loaded marvelous multicolor flashes across the entire face of the opal. This gem has full potential to attract gem lovers. Play of flashy colors is constant. Gem dealers and collectors should not let this gem go.